Baidu Copycat Cryptokitties – Baidu Launched Its Own Cryptokitties ‘Copycat’

By | February 11, 2018

Baidu Copycat Cryptokitties: Baidu launches its own CryptoKitties “copycat”. Chinese Google rival Baidu has going to release its own cryptokitties named as copycat. Chinese google Opponent Baidu now make a decision to enter into the blockchain tech. And doggy-centered copycat of smash-hit game CryptoKitties its first attempt. Unlikely kitty counterpart worked based on ‘CryptoDogs’ not on Ethereum. Is using a new blockchain process know as Achain.

Baidu Copycat Cryptokitties – Baidu Launched Its Own Cryptokitties ‘Copycat’

What Are Cryptodogs?

This is a collectable, reproducible pet game, we call it a dongle! Each dog is unique and 100% owned by you; it can not be copied, taken away or destroyed.

However, CryptoDogs was just launched, targeting the Chinese market. The website site is officially only available in Chinese, so users interested in experiencing this Chinese knockoff will have to use Google Translate or a similar tool in order to play. Nonetheless, those already familiar with CryptoKitties will find it very similar – the website is close to a complete copy, with the only notable difference being that instead of cats, you have dogs. This is the only notable difference.

Baidu Copycat Cryptokitties

CryptoKitties Sparks Copycats as Baidu Launches CryptoPuppies

As official statement on CryptoDogs’ website says that the users can already started playing the game, they might encounter some bugs along the way. Still, the company appears to be working on fixes in the meantime.

It remains to be seen whether CryptoDogs can attract the same amount of attention as CryptoKitties (cryptopuppies) – though it will be interesting to see how Achain’s blockchain solution handles large volumes of pending transactions.

According to its website, Achain and Ethereum have a lot in common, including the ability to use their public ledgers “to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems.”

Just a few months after the CryptoKitty craze, China has jumped in on the fun; CryptoDogs has launched in China. Although it may just seem like another copycat (pun intended) concept, there are a few key differences – it isn’t based on Ethereum. Instead, it is based on another blockchain platform named Achain.


Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels of experience to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems. It sounds just like Ethereum. However, it is working based on a concept named “Fork Theory”; Achain allows developers to easily fork coins and tokens based on its platform. This means that instead of creating tokens like CryptoKitties on Ethereum, developers can easily fork the blockchain to produce a new coin; just like how Bitcoin Cash forked away from Bitcoin.

Baidu Launched Its Own Cryptokitties

The fact that the new platform will have its own blockchain means that the original chain won’t be affected by congestion or spam on the secondary chain; there is no fear of a game overcrowding a billion-dollar network. Achain is also capable of processing 1000tx/s, compared to Ethereum’s measly 12tx/s. This transaction throughput, combined with the scalability and flexibility from easily creating forks, could become very useful in other applications, and not just games.

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